Mechanics of faith

You may wonder why it’s necessary to spend so much time going over every verse and nuance in the text. We’ve been parked on justification and faith… Why continue? Besides the fact that the apostle Paul does? Well, just as it’s possible to drive your car even if you’re not a mechanic, it’s possible to be a christian without understanding these things fully, but when you break down in the middle of the night, in the rainstorm, on the wrong side of town, having a mechanic in the front seat with you probably is going to do a lot to ease your concerns about the situation. And when challenges and trials come in life, knowing these things in detail can be the difference between worship right there in the midst of the storm and a period of back-sliding when you trust promises of sin and expedience rather than God and righteousness.”

…talking about the study of the book of Romans, from the introduction to one of the radio talks given daily by John Piper.

Roe morning

After taking a shower, I looked out of the window this morning and didn’t believe my eyes – about 40 meters from where I stood in my room, three roes were jogging in Indian file. I was absolutely speechless, wishing I had my camera ready. They reminded me of morning exercises that I’ve been in need of for long.