Can you be whole?

Image:Can you be whole?This was the title for today’s guest lecture – Can You Be Whole, While Lacking a Part? (in Swedish it rhymes: Kan man vara hel fast man saknar en del?). I wrote about Lena Maria Klingvall already a couple of weeks ago.

She talked about four things that have had an influence on her life and who she now is. Curiously enough, she did not mention her disability as one of them. She later explained that her disability was never something negative to her. Probably because her life is not about her disability at all…

She is happy to live in Sweden, where everyone has the same basic rights, not depending on race, religion, sex, etc. Her positive and energetic personality, as well as encouraging parents, made her into who she is now.

The last thing is something she and I share. She recognizes that she is loved by Jesus. So her faith in God, alongside the other three things that shaped her into a person she is today, is still likely to be the strongest reason for her enjoy the gift of life she is given.

Honestly though, I do not understand, what it is that makes people focus on the wrong, which is not the point at all? After the talk, we were in out class discussing what we had heard. They all started talking about how “too positive” she was. I was sitting there, thinking, Why on earth did you ever come there then? To listen to the handicapped person complaining how hard her life is? FYI, being positive does not mean being unrealistic!

I know I learned a lot from that short hour that she was with us. One of the things is that God has an amazing ability to act in ways we are incapable of comprehending. Oh, how I wish people would just be a little more receptive to the gospel. Maybe I have something I could do to further the spreading of the good news of Christ here in Sweden?

Please, visit Lena Maria’s web site:

Time change and running late

No, I knew that we had to change the clocks by one hour. And I knew it all week long. But somehow you forget important things just when it is most needed to remember them, don’t you? And you realize that you have forgotten the important things about five minutes to late, don’t you?

Image:Time change and running lateSo I woke up at ten after seven, thinking that I had a little more than an hour to get ready to go to this church called Missions’ Church or something here in Hjo. They had asked me to play the guitar for a children’s musical and I kindly agreed. It turned out that I had only about twenty minutes on me. Praise God that as soon as I heard my alarm go off and my head popped up from the pillow, I was struck by a thought. It does not happen that often, but this time the thought came to me in a very audible form that sounded like “Human excrement!” or something like that, if I remember right.

Needless to say, me being as fast as a torpedo or even, more precisely, a lightning, I managed to do the morning exercises, get dressed, grab some breakfast, clip my nails and come to the church about three minutes before our practice started.

Another frustrating thing was that I just could not get this guitar tuned. And the new strings I had set up about five days before were totally to blame 🙂

The Lord of the Troy

Image:Lord of TroyToday, during our History (double) class we talked about the ancient Greeks, how democracy was actually the rule of the so-called “citizens” and not of the “people” and things like that. When we were talking about Sparta and it being different from other Greek cities, one of the guys went, “Hey, why don’t we watch Troy some time during the class?” So guess what we are doing next Wednesday? Yeah. I think I love history classes after all 8)

What kind of name is that?

Image:What kind of name is that?

Today I was listening to this preacher John Piper talking about the name of God, the one He revealed to Moses in the book of Exodus. It is interesting that if someone told you their name was “I Am Who I Am” you would not at all think they are being serious, would you? Here is the quote from the radio program:

Behind [God] there is no reality. So asking the question, “Why is God the way He is?”, is like asking me, “When are you going to stop beating your wife?” because both of them assume states of affairs that don’t exist and are therefore unanswerable. I don’t beat my wife, so I can’t answer that question. And God has nobody to look to for an explanation for how He is the way He is … all He can say is “I AM WHO I AM”.

From those three verses in Exodus 3:13-15, John Piper drew seven implications. I would encourage anyone reading this now to download the the radio programs I am talking about (completely free!) from the web site of the part of John Piper’s ministry, Desiring God Radio.


Image:Foot-notesFor the past couple of days I have been reading this book that is called Foot-notes and is written by Lena Maria. It is a story about a girl who enjoys life more than anyone I have ever met.

She is different from others. Her left leg is half the size of her right leg. She never saw her arms being created into this world. She is what is politically correct to call disabled, a handicap. She is a person and she is alive.

Lena Maria was born with a physical disability, but in no way is she a cripple. God has allowed her to live the life some would only wish they lived. Her enormous success in swimming, singing and painting was not what made her famous even in Japan. It is her iron will, the joy of living and strong faith in Jesus Christ that raised her up to stand firm.

On March 27, 2006, she kindly agreed to come to our school.

Those psycho books

Those psycho booksBooks, books, books… This is all I could think of today. Currently, there are three sections in the library that are being explored by me. Well, actually, four – Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology and Edification Literature. The reason is simple. I am writing a Bachelor paper on the topic of how a religious conversion has effects on a suicide (ie. a person who commits suicide).

So I’ve gone through all books in the Medicine and Psychiatry sections today (they are not as many as the other two). Here’s the list of the book titles (so it’s clear what monsters await me):

  • Support or Burden? The Roll of Religion in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  • The Early Swedish Psychiatry
  • The Nerve-health and the Christian Beliefs
  • Man in Crisis
  • The Psychiatry of Youth
  • The Man before Sickness and Suffering
  • The Self-healing Man

Now the titles are approximate, because they are all in Swedish and I am a bad translator. But you get the picture.

A lift and a-rabic

Image:MoneyTomorrow I’m being given a lift to Skövde, which is nice – I won’t have to pay 45 kr for the bus. I’ll still need to get a bus to Ryd, which is where the church I go to is situated. The church’s called Skogsrokyrka. There are about a hundred people coming there every Sunday. They have four different teams there. They are many musically talented people there in the church.

I’ve started picking up some … Arabic. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s so fun and cool. I know several words and phrases already. For example, I know “Thank you!”, “You and I”, “You are a friend”, “I love you” and a little more. Hopefully, by the end of my time in Sweden I will have learned enough to be able to at least read some Arabic 🙂