License, phone, test

These are the three things that have been on my mind lately:

  • About seven years ago I thought that I would get the driving license when I would be 18 years old. Now, at 22, even though I can drive, I do not have one. Well, the reason is simple. I have not been in a desperate need for one. But I am not writing this because I am now. Several of my friends are taking driving tests now, so I thought Why not me.
  • For the past several years I’ve wanted to get a new phone. And it’s been about a year that I’ve known which one. Since I do not have enough money to buy the new phone without any “payment plan” (which costs around 270 LVL), I am thinking of buying a TELE2 phone, which would cost me about 70 LVL. I think it’s quite a good deal.
  • The third thing that’s been on my mind for the past three years is a little more distant plan than the other two, I think. Namely, taking a test which is called TISUS. Basically, passing the test would give me a theoretical chance of enrolling in any university in Sweden.

Caribbean pirates

So I watched the Dead Man’s Chest. For those uninformed, it’s the sequel of the critically acclaimed Pirates of the Caribbean. The movie is quite a logical continuation of its predecessor, with a little too fairy tale-like setting. Great job on the special effects. Excellent director’s work. Outstanding achievement by J. Depp. By far one of the best characters he’s played. Would recommend for anyone to watch, but watch the first part of the saga first, lest you want to be disappointed in not following the events completely.

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