I speak my mind

That was the last time I went to Stockholm by ferry! I know all that “never say never” rap, but seriously, as much a I can help it I will never travel by ferry again.

The symposium entitled “How Nordic are the Baltics?” was pretty much meaningless for me. Thankfully, some of the “young researchers”, including myself (I know, I would call myself everything but a researcher), were given an opportunity to speak their minds.

Well, oddly enough I was the last one to speak to an audience of about thirty academically obsessed individuals who for the past two days have been speaking about collaboration between the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. In my five-minute speech I emphasized the importance of the practical collaboration having people and relationships in focus as opposed to theoretical babbling of organizations and institutions, which was exactly what that little get-together in the Riksdag those couple of days was all about.

The best part of my visit in Stockholm has been meeting with two of my former professors, Kjell and Per in a bar and wandering around Stockholm by night. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to meet Madeleine, as I had hoped I would.