A lift and a-rabic

Image:MoneyTomorrow I’m being given a lift to Skövde, which is nice – I won’t have to pay 45 kr for the bus. I’ll still need to get a bus to Ryd, which is where the church I go to is situated. The church’s called Skogsrokyrka. There are about a hundred people coming there every Sunday. They have four different teams there. They are many musically talented people there in the church.

I’ve started picking up some … Arabic. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s so fun and cool. I know several words and phrases already. For example, I know “Thank you!”, “You and I”, “You are a friend”, “I love you” and a little more. Hopefully, by the end of my time in Sweden I will have learned enough to be able to at least read some Arabic 🙂

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