All BA and stuff

“Thank you for your attention” were the hardest five words I have ever had to lie.

Today I became the pompous- and bureaucratic-sounding Bachelor of Arts in English Philology. The never-changing still-soviet system of “defending” your work works very well I should say. In order to get a certificate that I have completed the four years of pure academically theoretical and mosty boring classes, I was to stand before the exhausted and indifferent audience of 12 students and the ignorant and disrespectful to my presentation “Honourable Board” consisting of about five or six professors.

Don’t get me wrong – I did get my “A-” (80%), which was exactly what I deserved for my speech. My indignation about the whole defense system was probably fueled by the topic of my “academic research” – Stig Dagerman was far from the obedient and subordinate to the System citizen type of person.

In any case, I am officially undergraduate now. I wish my title, BA, secured me a life without worries, which it does not. And I am grateful it doesn’t. Because I am reminded yet another time that my future can only be secure in the One keeping an eye on it.

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