Can you be whole?

Image:Can you be whole?This was the title for today’s guest lecture – Can You Be Whole, While Lacking a Part? (in Swedish it rhymes: Kan man vara hel fast man saknar en del?). I wrote about Lena Maria Klingvall already a couple of weeks ago.

She talked about four things that have had an influence on her life and who she now is. Curiously enough, she did not mention her disability as one of them. She later explained that her disability was never something negative to her. Probably because her life is not about her disability at all…

She is happy to live in Sweden, where everyone has the same basic rights, not depending on race, religion, sex, etc. Her positive and energetic personality, as well as encouraging parents, made her into who she is now.

The last thing is something she and I share. She recognizes that she is loved by Jesus. So her faith in God, alongside the other three things that shaped her into a person she is today, is still likely to be the strongest reason for her enjoy the gift of life she is given.

Honestly though, I do not understand, what it is that makes people focus on the wrong, which is not the point at all? After the talk, we were in out class discussing what we had heard. They all started talking about how “too positive” she was. I was sitting there, thinking, Why on earth did you ever come there then? To listen to the handicapped person complaining how hard her life is? FYI, being positive does not mean being unrealistic!

I know I learned a lot from that short hour that she was with us. One of the things is that God has an amazing ability to act in ways we are incapable of comprehending. Oh, how I wish people would just be a little more receptive to the gospel. Maybe I have something I could do to further the spreading of the good news of Christ here in Sweden?

Please, visit Lena Maria’s web site:

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