English and Swedish

On Sunday I got up late. It was the first full day in Sweden. At about 1pm, after breakfast (what am I telling you – I got up late!), Kristina, Lisa (a girl studying in the TRAC, i.e. tourism program) and I went downtown to the lake and a supermarket to get some food. Then when we came back we had our lunch at 4pm together with Frederick, a guy I am going to be in one group studying English and Swedish together. By the time evening creeped in, there were more people that came to the school. In the evening several of us watched a movie.

Image:KapellMonday was very exciting. The first day I got to meet several teachers, vice-rector of the school, etc. I think I am getting used to the school. Now I can actually remember where things are situated and so on.

OK, so at 8.00 we had breakfast. After breakfast, together with several other new students I had a meeting with the vice-rector, when he explained stuff around the school and such things. Then we had a little break and then we came in for the test in Swedish and English so it’s easier for them people there to figure out which group to put us in. (Btw, tonight I found out that in English I’m in the highest fourth group and in Swedish I’m in the highest third group, how bad-a** is that?) then came the lunch. Yeah, baby, yeah! I was so hungry I could have eaten everyone around, well, maybe not everyone…

After lunch I went to a lecture called “bokcirkel” where we talked about books. Basically it’s for those who read things and then discuss them. Pretty neat: peeps there talk as fast as Michael Schumacher driving, but it’s a good practice for me. Then I decided that it was time to go to Andreas, a guy responsible for the computers at the school, and get the monitor he promised I would be able to borrow. It was a matter of 10 minutes and the monitor was standing in my room! Then I had a class of Swedish as a foreign language. There were only six of us – a guy from Afghanistan, a girl from Iraq, a girl from Tanzania – all three of them living in Sweden now, and me and Kristina. The teacher was really nice and I think I will enjoy the class.

Tuesday will be the first full day of school. I’m excited to go to a class of Swedish language, two classes on religion and a class of English.

What? Pictures? Oh yes! They are coming soon.

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