Feet on the radiator

So I’m sitting by the window at midnight, my bare feet touching the radiator under the window. Romantic? Yeah, whatever. The first study week has drawn to an end. It’s been both exciting and boring, fulfilling and draining, encouraging and discouraging all at the same time.

On Tuesday, after talking like the whole Monday and Tuesday mostly in Swedish, the last class i had was English. I just can’t reproduce the weirdness of a feeling i had. Serious. I’ve never experienced anything like that – after being able to think in English and then, boom! I can’t find any suitable words. By the end of the class everything was back to normal, but I will never forget that afternoon! Ever.

Image:My RoomOn Wednesday… umm… no, I will better write about what happened on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a normal school day. I had the hardest class since I started studying here, called “samhälskunskap”, which I think is translated as sociology. Maybe not. Anyway, it’s about society and how things are working in there. At least that’s the impression that I got. It was a double class of that. During the first one I did not understand at least 40 per cent of what the teacher, or rather the students, were saying – because of the teacher’s dialect, the speed with which everyone was talking and the topic we’re going to be discussing the whole semester (I’m not just a non-expert in sociology, I’m not even a beginner!).

Then (on Thursday) I had a Bible class, led by the school priest. There were just several of us. We read a story of the first miracle performed by Jesus – when He turned water into wine. After we’d read the story and meditated on it we had to try to imagine ourselves as one of the characters in the story and share with each other what we’ve come to. It was interesting, since I’d never done anything like that before and there were several things I’d never thought about when reading that passage in John’s gospel.

Friday was a day of almost no lunch for me, ’cause “there wasn’t just enough rice”. Ah, whatever. I ate a little chicken and knäckebröd and was full of that jazz for the following couple of hours. You think not having a proper lunch is extreme? 😉 Listen to this. Sofia, Kristina and I decided that Friday night should be spent more interestingly than just sitting around at home and so we got a lift from our Swedish/English teacher to Skövde, where the girls would shop and I would just hang around the town with them (I needed a little break). Anyway, when we were only about 5 km close to Skövde, the steam started coming out from under the hood and the temperature of the thermometer on the front panel rose like hell. So we stopped. Outside was as cold as in a worst freezer you can imagine. Or at least so it seemed.

Omitting the details of the whole thing taking two guys stopping by our car (one of them stopping twice) to help us, a couple of stressed girls and even more stressed teacher and my frozen knees and toes, I must say everything went pretty good. Now, not even knowing much about stylistic devices, it’s possible to come up with an idea that it was all pretty ironic, isn’t it. And by the way, next time you want to save money, think how much time you can lose doing that. Oh, and one more thing I learned today – there’s more to cars than color. Maybe my knowledge of cars will start with this revelation? Who knows?

Saturday. Tomorrow.. Need… Sleep!.. Now!!!

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