Fifa WC

The four days I spent in Stockholm were nice.

You know, nice as in “Yeah, nice!” when you have enjoyed something, but looking back, you think you would be better off doing something else.

On Monday I went to Stockholm to take part in the training for my new job in Riga, to write a test and upon passing it, actually get the job. The training course that theoretically lasted three-and-a-half days was in fact about two days in total. Most of time I spent watching FIFA World Cup in my tiny hotel room in the center of Stockholm and occasionally going out to get some food at the nearest Seven Eleven or some kebab place.

The test I wrote this morning was not as hard as it could be to fail me. I answered 40 questions. All correct. Which means I have gotten the job, which has to do with talking on the phone with the Swedish handicaps needing a taxi in Stockholm. Monotonous and intense, the job is something I enjoy doing – helping people and using my Swedish.

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