Image:Foot-notesFor the past couple of days I have been reading this book that is called Foot-notes and is written by Lena Maria. It is a story about a girl who enjoys life more than anyone I have ever met.

She is different from others. Her left leg is half the size of her right leg. She never saw her arms being created into this world. She is what is politically correct to call disabled, a handicap. She is a person and she is alive.

Lena Maria was born with a physical disability, but in no way is she a cripple. God has allowed her to live the life some would only wish they lived. Her enormous success in swimming, singing and painting was not what made her famous even in Japan. It is her iron will, the joy of living and strong faith in Jesus Christ that raised her up to stand firm.

On March 27, 2006, she kindly agreed to come to our school.

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