Loved and detested

I have not been keeping this thing up-to-date, because I have been very busy for the past several weeks, mostly spending time writing my BA thesis. I have already written it, and as soon as I present it for the school administration and get my diploma, I will add it to my Writings.

Yesterday I watched the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. The event had its flaws the biggest being the co-hosts. Seriously, I thought they were crap. I don’t really care to what extent the origin of the sexy Maria Somethin’-somethin’ is Greek, she is still a corky American, who has not probably heard about Eurovision before she was (how on earth was that possible?) elected co-host of the event.

The other co-host, Sakis Somethin’-somethin’, lacked in everything – humor, vocal skills (he even screeched a song during the semi-finals) and English proficiency. The only good thing about them both was Maria changing her dresses every other minute or so. As we say in Swedish, Hjälp!

Anyway, here come the songs and performances I loved with a little bit of a commentary from me (in no particular order, really):

  • Finland (Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah)
    A soft kind of hard rock song. I have no idea whether they blaspheme or not, but their performance was amazing.
  • Russia (Dima Bilan – Never Let You Go)
    Dima has great vocals, the performance was great too. His English needs major improvement though.
  • Romania (Mihai Traistariu – Tornero)
    Absolutely the best song of the contest, in my opinion. Mihai’s vocals are superior to any other contestant’s.
  • Ukraine (Tina Karol – Show Me Your Love)
    Sexy childish-looking Tina is reportedly the best female artist in the Ukraine. The song was catchy but quite shallow.
  • Lithuania (LT United – We Are The Winners)
    Pathetic parody of the contest, the song was crap. As was the performance. But the energy and enthusiasm the guys mouthed the words “We are the winners” are worth admiring.
  • Iceland (Silvia Night – Congratulations)
    This catchy too-sweet parody of a luxurious life did not make it to the finals, but I think it could easily be a runner-up.
  • Moldova (Arsenium & Natalia – Loca)
    Absolutely worthless song, but somehow it just can’t get out of my head. Probably because of Natalia ;-P

Here come several of the songs I detested utterly (again, in no particular order):

  • Spain (Las Ketchup – Bloody Mary)
    Boring. I really have nothing else to say about these four once-glowing with their Ketchup song tomato sisters.
  • FYR Macedonia (Elena Risteska – Ninanajna)
    Probably the worst song to make it to the finals. I mean how can you expect to win a song contest with a title like that?
  • Bosnia & Hercegovina (Hari Mata Hari – Layla)
    No! The guy has one of the best vocals. But the song just does not cut it. I am amazed it came third.
  • France (Virginie Pouchain – Il Était Temps)
    I think this was absolutely the worst performance of the contest this year. It was in French. The girl sang off the tone almost all the time. This was a disaster, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Croatia (Severina – Moja Stikla)
    French had the worst performance. Croatians had the worst song, that was not sung, but shouted.

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