Marstrand – gorgeous islands

I heard about Greek islands. There are really pretty white wee houses that are stacked upon each other on this little island of the home democracy and modern culture. So I have heard about them.

But today I have actually been in such a place. It is called Marstrand and it is absolutely indescribably gorgeous. We took a little ferry to get to the island. But let me start from the very beginning.

Image:Marstrand, 1Right after lunch, I got a lift to Gothenburg. I went there to visit my former teacher, whom I have not seen for three years. We took a short walk along the famous city Avenue and then we met Anne’s boyfriend, Danny, and went to a little place run by Danny’s sister-in-law called “Art & Such”. They have just opened their locale with different works of art. And such.

Image:Marstrand, 2Next, Danny and Anne took me to Marstrand. Oh, it was so beautiful there! This community lies upon the archipelago about 40km northwest of Gothenburg. On one of the islands that is actually called Marstrand, there is the Carlstens fortress that king Carl X Gustaf ordered to build in 1658. It was not until 202 years later that the last building works on it were done.

Image:Marstrand, 3After an amazing sunset with silence only broken by tender and uplifting twittering of birds, we went to a cafe for a drink and snack. It was about nine o’clock at night. And on the big LCD screen there was Latvia beating the Czech Republic in ice hockey. We watched the game until the end of the second period and went home.

Tomorrow is going to be sweet! Can’t wait!

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