Midsummer rain

So I was thinking today.

As it is a matter of common knowledge it is the midsummer today. Another piece of wisdom is that during my whole life I have only experienced a couple of midsummer days with no rain or a single drunk person in town.

As I was sitting in the bus number twenty-one on my way home today, I noticed several cars full of stuff and families and relatives and friends going in the direction of Jugla, Sigulda, Cesis, Valmiera – well, you get the picture.

What made me think were my speculations about what goes on in people’s mind before the midsummer:

OK. So yesterday we bought a squillion liters of beer and a zillion kilos of cheese. Today we’ll pack a lot of stuff into our car, take all our family and friends and drive out of Riga and drink till we don’t remember our names.

But we are smart. So we don’t feel hangover the next morning, we are not going to stop drinking or go to bed. We will rather start a fire and try and jump over it, so we don’t fall asleep. So, the next day will probably look the same. And the following one, as well.


I’m glad it’s been raining.

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