The green ona bila

In forest born the elochka
In forest she’s alive.
In winter, summer stroynaya
The green ona bila.
Metelj her tell the pesenka
Sleep elochka bai-bai.
Moroz to snow ukutival,
To look ne zamerzai.
Trusishka rabbit serenjkiy
Pod elochkoy the jump.
Sometimes the wolf, the angry wolf
Riscoyu probegal.

Chu, snow on forest chastomu
Pod polozom zip-zap.
Loshadka mohnonogaya
Too quickly, quickly run.
Vezet loshadka drovenki,
A v drovnyah angry man.
He killing our elochka
Pod samiy koreshok.
And now she is the beautiful
On party k nam to go.
And many many radosti
To children prinesla.

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