The third train

So I left my dear homeland yesterday and this was the first full day in Sweden. And since I went to bed late last night, I got up at 10am this morning. But I will start from the beginning.

Yesterday when I was leaving the airport I had a strange feeling. I knew that I had to be sad that I was leaving, but I wasn’t, which, I think, can be explained by the fact that I was just exhausted mostly mentally by the fact that I was to leave everything that I was used to behind for five months. But the very fact that I had several people come and see me off at the airport reminded me that it’s going to be five months… FIVE MONTHS… that I’m going to be away from home and family and friends…

Image:KatrupWhen I got over that I was already high in the sky, my knees firmly sticking into the seat right in front of me. Because I had pre-supposed that we would be in the air much longer, I thought the flight was short. According to the ticket information, I had about 3h in Copenhagen before my train to Malmö. So I put my luggage on this cart and just wandered around the airport for 2h. Then I decided to go ask for a map of Malmö railway station at the ticket office, so I know where to go, because I would only have 15min in Malmö to change trains. After reminding me not to turn my back on the luggage, the lady told me that I could actually take any train going from Copen to Malmö regardless of what my ticket says. Feeling glad after finding out such news I rushed towards the next train and got into Malmö, having at least 45min on me to figure out which track my next train would depart from. Ironically, the train was to leave from the same platform my Copen train arrived at.

I went to a store called Pressbyrån to get a telephone card. When I entered the store and saw that they also have food there, I forgot about the card and (since I was starving) got myself a plastic bowl of salad, a sandwich and a bottle of water for at least four or five times as much as I would pay in Riga. Consuming the contents of the bowl, I was standing by the counter, watching different people. What surprised me was that the station looked more like a little market place with people not selling and buying, but wandering aimlessly. Somehow I got little homesick already…

The second train I was on (from Malmö till Nässjö) was a speedy X-2000 making at least 200km/h. I got a seat at a table by the aisle. It was more than a 2h ride and by the end of it Ifelt dizzy, partly because of the speed, partly because I was getting ill, partly because I was stressed that we might not be on time, before my third train. See, the gap between my second train arriving and third train departing was just 12min. But again, it was the same platform the third train was leaving to go from Nässjö till Skövde. It was scheduled to leave at 19:18, but it left 15min later, because of another train failing to come on time. Needless to say the seats in the Swedish trains are very comfortable, but it was in the third train that i felt UNcomfortable. No, we were on time alright, but I felt I was getting sick, my headache present and homesickness creeping up. I just held on to a keychain from home and felt lost and alone.

When I got to Skövde it was already very dark. The bus which I already had a ticket for took me to Hjo, where at 10pm I was met by Christina (a very pleasant lady working at school) who took me to school to drop off my stuff. I got myself couple of hamburgers and a coke and got introduced to Kristina, a girl from Daugavpils, who stayed for the second semester at school. We talked about school, Swedes, Latvia and studies into the night in Latvian, Russian, English and Swedish. We decided that the first time we meet we could afford speaking all four languages. Kristina was not the only one I met that evening. I got introduced to several Swedes, as well, which I thought nice and friendly.

Anyway, it was pleasant to actually get into my bed in my room. I think I might even have gotten a little excited about what is going to be happening with me for the next five months…

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