Those psycho books

Those psycho booksBooks, books, books… This is all I could think of today. Currently, there are three sections in the library that are being explored by me. Well, actually, four – Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology and Edification Literature. The reason is simple. I am writing a Bachelor paper on the topic of how a religious conversion has effects on a suicide (ie. a person who commits suicide).

So I’ve gone through all books in the Medicine and Psychiatry sections today (they are not as many as the other two). Here’s the list of the book titles (so it’s clear what monsters await me):

  • Support or Burden? The Roll of Religion in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
  • The Early Swedish Psychiatry
  • The Nerve-health and the Christian Beliefs
  • Man in Crisis
  • The Psychiatry of Youth
  • The Man before Sickness and Suffering
  • The Self-healing Man

Now the titles are approximate, because they are all in Swedish and I am a bad translator. But you get the picture.

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