Time change and running late

No, I knew that we had to change the clocks by one hour. And I knew it all week long. But somehow you forget important things just when it is most needed to remember them, don’t you? And you realize that you have forgotten the important things about five minutes to late, don’t you?

Image:Time change and running lateSo I woke up at ten after seven, thinking that I had a little more than an hour to get ready to go to this church called Missions’ Church or something here in Hjo. They had asked me to play the guitar for a children’s musical and I kindly agreed. It turned out that I had only about twenty minutes on me. Praise God that as soon as I heard my alarm go off and my head popped up from the pillow, I was struck by a thought. It does not happen that often, but this time the thought came to me in a very audible form that sounded like “Human excrement!” or something like that, if I remember right.

Needless to say, me being as fast as a torpedo or even, more precisely, a lightning, I managed to do the morning exercises, get dressed, grab some breakfast, clip my nails and come to the church about three minutes before our practice started.

Another frustrating thing was that I just could not get this guitar tuned. And the new strings I had set up about five days before were totally to blame 🙂

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