Update zero six

It’s been exactly three days since I left my school in Sweden.

And I have been missing it like crazy. Actually the whole feeling of being at home, when everything around is so unlike what you got used to, is so weird. I mean Hjo became a second home to me, even though I considered it home only for the last several weeks of my stay there.

Today was a special day for many. Countless newspaper articles about the Anti-christ and the number of the beast reminded me that there indeed is a world unseen to a human eye. But it wasn’t only the scary “Zero Six, Zero Six, Zero Six” day. June 6 is celebrated in Sweden as a national day. Of course, it is not called the day of Independence, because the country has always been independent.

This week is a week of preparation for me. On Monday I am giving the presentation of my BA paper, which I wrote while in Sweden. Hope everything goes well there. I also need to write and send my CV to several places. I also need to meet with several people I haven’t seen for a very long time. I also need to go see a doctor, because my cough has been bugging me for the past three or four weeks, which makes me think it is not at all a usual cold I caught. And I have no clue where I am going to find time to do all of that.

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