Visiting the capital

I was in Stockholm today.

We left Hjo at 6:03 and came back at 22:18. Oh, it was such a blast for me to actually come to a real big smoky busy city, after spending four months in a little town of not many people after 18:00 around.

We arrived in Stockholm at about 10:30 and went to the Riksdag – the Parliament of Sweden. Holy flippin’ cow! I never thought anything connected with politics could be so exciting!

Image:Visiting the capital, 1No, serious! After walking out of the building, I felt I could actually work there some day. I know it sounds crazy, but I also know that I do not have any plans for after I am done with my school in Latvia. Who ever knows what God has in store for my future?

Javid, Kristina, Barbara and I had a lunch at a place that looked and sounded like a market, a bazar. Many fast food restaurants were situated there and the “Kebab Plate” I got was spicy and delicious.

Image:Visiting the capital, 2Then we just walked around Stockholm, had an ice-cream each in the park, went into the National Museum, saw paintings and sculptures and china and tables and tapestries and chairs and beds of old (some even from the 1400s), got exhausted and headed back to the bus.

I loved every part of the trip and made a bunch of pictures. Oh, yeah! On our way to Stockholm it was cloudy and raining a little. The whole time we were in Stockholm, though, the sun was shining as if to say, “I’m so glad you came! Here! Let me cuddle you with my warm rays. You like it? Get some more!” The minute we were back in the bus it was cloudy and dark again. Coincidence? Who knows…

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