Work or worship?

About the Ten Commandments given to Moses, from a radio program Desiring God Radio by John Piper:

The only kind of being you can worship is a being who does not need you and is completely full and satisfied in himself.


All God is saying here is “Have no other gods before Me. Worship Me alone.” The reason He says to tear down the pagan altars is to guard their hearts for Yahweh alone. And the reason he says don’t make any covenants with those peoples is to escape the snare that might lure their hearts into divided loyalties.

So the commands of the covenant are not a job description, describing services that God needs from this people. They are wedding vows, the kind of vows He expects from a faithful wife. It’s as though He were to say to his wife, “After you marry me, don’t make any dates with other men, and please, take the pictures of your old boyfriends off your dresser and throw them away.”

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