Wrong semantics

Again, flipping through the channels on my TV, I came across a two-year-old program called Life of Luxury, where a guy was telling the viewers how many squillions Mr. So-and-So has spent on his new watch or house or golf club membership and how much Ms. So-and-So is spending shopping and partying and moisturizing her skin.

Quite honestly I could not believe my ears and eyes. No! I wasn’t stunned by the sums of money spent. I was shocked by the very idea of people using money to please their bodies that in 50 or so years are going to be rotting in a grave; and shocked by the very idea of other people finding it amusing to watch the latter do it.

Seriously, though, what great use of charity of different sorts is there, when the poor and hungry are getting more numerous and the rich and pompous are getting richer with every passing second?

I think the makers of such programs should think about changing the titles of their creations. My first suggestion: move around those words a little and try to see the very Luxury of Life some people are granted, because Life is, really, the only thing they might have for all of their existence!

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