Abrahamian is right – rules changed

Image: Bronze Medal

Photo: Valery Hache/AFP
Text: Lasse Mannheimer & Anders Wallin
Translation from Swedish: Artiom Pereverzev
Original article at DN.se
A compilation of photos at Aftonbladet.se

Wrestler Ara Abrahamian’s appeal to the court of arbitration went through – wrestling (federation) are now forced to change their rules.
“Fila have to clarify their rules and make sure that they follow them,” says SOC’s chairman Stefan Lindeberg.

When Ara Abrahamian lost the Olympic semifinals against Italian Andrea Minguzzi, the Swede claimed that he had been judged in the wrong way. Therefore, he submitted a protest. A protest which the International wrestling federation, Fila, refused to accept.

Showing his displeasure, Abrahamian left his bronze medal on the mat, which resulted in him being deprived of his medal.

Abrahamian then appealed to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), because Fila refused to accept the protest and now the Court has admitted the Swede’s right.

CAS requires, therefore, that Fila change their rules. “Fila has to work against the Olympic spirit and to bring about the rules of fair play and to have a jury that it is possible to appeal to,” write CAS.

“In the end, this means that wrestlers are now given a fair match and assessment,” says Lindeberg.

Ara Abrahamian is very pleased over the information.

“Fila has violated every rule there is. It was wrong for them not to accept my protest,” he says to the Swedish television, SVT.

The decision that Abrahamian is deprived of his bronze medal will not be changed.

The rules are changed alright, but it is bad though that an international federation like this should be brought to responsibility through the means of and international court. Very bad.

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