Kosovo: Screw Russia

Mr. Sejdiu has been more than clear about what their newly proclaimed independent state stands for.

BELGRADE, August 27 (RIA Novosti) – The fact that Kosovo’s independence has been acknowledged by some 50 countries does not justify Russia’s decision to recognize Georgia’s breakaway regions, the Kosovan president said.

“We have always said and will continue to insist that Kosovo is a special case which cannot be treated as a precedent for other conflict zones, territories and regions,” Fatmir Sejdiu said in Pristina late on Tuesday.

Kosovo – which was a UN protectorate after the 1999 NATO bombings ended clashes between Serbs and Albanians – unilaterally proclaimed its independence from Belgrade in February, and has been recognized by the United States and most European Union countries.

And why wouldn’t they refuse to back Russia, when it was Russia, that was against their independence, which was recognized by the West? Once again, it seems that there are those who are against Russia, those who are for the West and those who are against everyone. It so seems.

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