Big loss for Sweden – huge win for Latvia

It was probably the most exciting hockey match for Latvia that I’ve ever seen. Here’s what happened yesterday:

I decided to watch the match for the sake of entertainment. Not that I am a huge ice-hockey fan. Or sports fan for that matter. So the match started and I had the anticipation that the Swedes would crush the Latvian team down, as usual (Sweden has never lost to Latvia in ice-hockey, as I understand).

Well, during the first period the game was pretty much one-sided. Sweden attacked and Latvia sat in the defend-zone. The flow of Swedish shots was so strong that the young star Omark (#23) just had to reach out with his stick and get the puck inside the Latvian net. Such was the end of the first period.

Now, the second period got more interesting, since Latvia was superior almost all 15 minutes of it, scoring two goals and getting their expectations as sky high as their confidence. Probably too high, though, as Sweden started off the third period with a sure puck in Masalskis’ goals. The game was of a back-and-forth kind with a long stop after Karsums slammed Enström and left him severely injured in the face.

The game was long from over, because the new rules dictate that no match should end with a tie (very curious). So Sweden and Latvia played five more minutes in order to establish the victor of the game. The five minutes were not enough, so the shoot-out was the logical continuation. The suspense was thick, but the Latvians with a veteran goalie Naumovs were thicker. Nizivijs was the one to send the victorious puck into Liv’s net.

The local press were very united in their opinions about the game. Dagens Nyheter said “it could not be worse” than a loss to Latvia, Svenska Dagbladet called the match a “cold shower”, asserted that they are not going to overexaggerate the consequences of the sensation.

The Latvian press was, of course, happy to provide their readers with the good news of the first win over Sweden, posting photos in and numerous articles hailing the Latvian team. called the win over Sweden a historical one.

Here’s the official summary of the game on

Ice-hockey World Championship

The ice-hockey world championship started out with no big surprises.

Rather it started out with big scores by big teams:

Germany – Russia 0:5
Belarus – Canada 1:6
Norway – Finland 0:5
Sweden – Austria 7:1
Czech Republic – Denmark 5:0

I would love to see some interesting finals this year!

Stay tuned for the statistics on

Go, Latvia. Go Russia, Sweden and Canada. I also like Slovakia, Czech Republic and Finland.

Armenian Genocide

For Armenians, the 24th of April is a special date. Today they mark 94 years since the massacres in the Ottoman Turkey, which started with the mass arrests and killings of Armenian intellectuals as well as religious, cultural and political elite.

The mass killings of the Armenian population during the WWI are referred to as “genocide” in many Western countries. Contemporary Turkey though refuses to label the killings as “genocide”, claiming that during the WWI many people died, both Armenians and Turks and that the massacres occurred on both sides due to the inter-ethnic strife and general violence during the war. Turkey avoids tagging the massacres as “genocide” and objects to anyone making a statement of their responsibility.

Probably the most vivid factor of disappointment these days was the statement by the President of the USA Barack Obama, when he twisted his promises to acknowledge publicly the massacres of nearly 1.5 million Armenians as “genocide” and chose instead to “pause to remember … one of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century“. His pre-election campaign statements were too far-stretched or good to be true, one can infer. Here are some excerpts from his statement in January 2008:

“As a U.S. Senator, I have stood with the Armenian American community in calling for Turkey’s acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide … I shared with Secretary (Condoleezza) Rice my firmly held conviction that the Armenian Genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion, or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence. The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy … As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.” (Associated Press)

Needless to say, the Armenian community worldwide was let down by Obama’s decision to refrain from calling the massacres “genocide”. The Turkish community, too, were not happy with his statement on 24th of April calling his expressions unacceptable.

Even though many countries agree on the seriousness of the extensive massacres, calling them the first genocide of the 20th century, among those Russia, France, Argentina, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, as well as 42 of 50 states of the USA, there are still those who choose not to recognise the killings as “genocide”.

For more information and a detailed timeline of the massacres, please, visit the information site, with a chance to sign the petition to support the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Сегодня отмечают день памяти жертв геноцида 1915

24 апреля — день памяти жертв геноцида армян 1915-го года. На портале есть немного истории геноцида:

Дата 24 апреля 1915 года занимает особое место не только в истории геноцида армян, но и в истории армянского народа в целом. Именно в этот день в Константинополе начались массовые аресты армянской интеллектуальной, религиозной, экономической и политической элиты, что привело к полному уничтожению целой плеяды виднейших деятелей армянской культуры.

В списки подлежащих аресту попали люди разных политических взглядов и профессий: писатели, артисты, музыканты, учителя, врачи, юристы, журналисты, бизнесмены, политические и религиозные лидеры; единственное, что их роднило — национальная принадлежность и положение в обществе. Аресты видных фигур армянской общины продолжались в турецкой столице с небольшими перерывами до конца мая, при этом никаких обвинений задержанным не предъявлялось… Читать дальше

А информационное агенство РИА Новости сегодня опубликовали статью о геноциде:

РИА Новости
Эчмиадзинский кафедральный соборВ Армении отметят День памяти жертв геноцида армян в Османской Турции


Османская Турция в конце XIX — начале XX веков осуществляла регулярные преследования и гонения армян. В частности, в 1915 году было уничтожено более 1,5 миллиона человек… Читать дальше

РИА Новости опубликовали так же и справку о геноциде 1915-го года:

В 1914 году, до Первой мировой войны и геноцида, во всем мире было около 4 миллионов 100 тысяч армян. 2 миллиона 100 тысяч жили на территории Османской империи, 1 миллион 700 тысяч — в России (на территории Восточной Армении, входившей в Российскую империю, жили 1 миллион 300 тысяч армян ), 100 тысяч — в Персии, и 200 тысяч — в других странах мира.

Геноцид армян был осуществлен в 1878‑1922 годах на территориях Османской империи (Турции), исторически именуемых Западной Арменией (ныне Восточная Анатолия), населенных в то время преимущественно армянами (они составляли 65‑75% населения).

Политика, приведшая к геноциду армян, была обусловлена, прежде всего, господствовавшей в Османской империи идеологией пантюркизма, отличавшейся нетерпимостью к нетюркским народам… Читать дальше

Retrial for The Pirate Bay possible

The judge who sentenced four men to jail for their involvement with The Pirate Bay is also a member of the same copyright protection organisations as a number of the main entertainment industry representatives in the case.

The experts, one of them “high profile attorney Leif Silbersky”, say retrial is possible. Other experts say they would have never taken the case in the given situation. Judge Tomas Norström denies the relevance of the expert charges:

“My view has been that these activities do not constitute a conflict of interest,” Norström told Sveriges Radio.

Now, this is very interesting. Frankly, I cannot see the point of being a member of an organisation that protects copyright protection (which clearly represents a conflict of interest) and providing an objective decision on the Pirate Bay trial.

One of the original lay judges in the case was forced to step down from his position when his involvement in a music rights group made him vulnerable to charges of bias.

By and (via @brokep)

Latvia against the hockey giants?

USA, Sweden, Austria and… Latvia?

I mean, come on, does Latvia have any chance of getting out of the play-offs in the upcoming ice hockey world championship in Switzerland? No offense, but the recent years have not seen any progress in Latvian hockey and I doubt strongly they will have smooth skating against Americans and Swedes.

Now, Austria has not been shown much skills either, being ranked 17th, according to the pre-champ ranking board (Latvia is on the 12th place for now). So there’s hope for the Latvian ice hockey team. It would be hard for them to beat USA and Sweden, very possible to beat Austria, but apart from the noisy fans popularity, Latvians are known to provide surprises, which can be both good news and bad news.

Anyway, go, Latvia!

Сегодня Великий Чистый Четверг

Вопрос: Почему по-русски его называют “чистым”, а по-английски “великим” (“maundy”) четвергом?

Cлово maundy пришло в английский язык от среднеанглийского (от 1100 до 1450 года) слова maunde около 1440-года, а туда от старофранцузского слова mandé, а туда от латинского слова mandatum. Этот интересный “мандат” означает commandment на современном английском и повеление или заповедь на русском языке.

Фраза “Великий Четверг” относится к словам Иисуса Христа в Евангелии от Иоанна 13-й главе:

Я даю вам новую заповедь: любите друг друга. Как Я вас полюбил, так и вы любите друг друга. Все узнают, что вы Мои ученики, если вы будете любить друг друга!

Для справки:
Великий Чистый Четверг
Ев. от Иоанна гл. 13 ст. 34-35
Ев. от Иоанна гл. 15 ст. 9-17

В дополнение ко значению смерти и воскресения Иисуса Христа, эта любовь друг ко другу (воплощённая в служении друг другу, например в омовении ног, отсюда Чистый Четверг) даёт новый и несколько иной взгляд на то, что действительно означает Пасха, не так ли?