Unsubscribing from the ISIC newsletter

This is a true story. About seven years ago, back in 2002, I got my first ISIC card and, quite rationally, I subscribed for their newsletter a couple of years later, when I had to renew it. To get the inside scoop of all the discounts for students, so to speak.
Now, when I am no longer a student in Latvia and at least three years since I had a valid ISIC card, I still get the newsletters from ISIC.lv. Not that I like getting them. It was just that there was no “unsubscribe here” link in their newsletters. Or their site, for that matter. The short of it is, their unsubscription service sucked. Until today.

Today I noticed their newsletter looked a little bit funny, because at the end of it they did indeed have a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter. I thought Why not give it a try and clicked the magic underlined phrase. Here’s when the magic ended. Below are the steps I had to take (and what happened between them) in order to remove my e-mail address from their database (still not sure if it’s removed).

  1. Get a regular newsletter from ISIC
  2. Click to unsubscribe
  3. Get directed to their site
  4. Read about the coming confirmation e-mail
  5. Get a confirmation e-mail
  6. Click to confirm the unsubscription
  7. Get directed to their site
  8. Read about the successful unsubscription
  9. Get an e-mail about the successful unsubscription

Talk about a company (?) trying so hard to please (??) the customers with over-explicitness and usability of their services!