Browser Tab Shortcuts

To switch between tabs in a browser, there are different shortcuts that can come in handy, especially if you have many tabs open. For many months now, I have been using Ctrl+Page Up (to move from tab to tab in the direction right to left) and Ctrl+Page Down (left to right).

Recently though, I have been opening too many tabs to move by one tab at a time and in one direction only. What helps me is the very handy shortcut scheme: Ctrl+(Number 1 to 9).

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+1 Go to the first tab
Ctrl+2 Go to the second tab
Ctrl+3 Go to the third tab
Ctrl+9 Go to the last tab

Note, that if you have opened ten (or more) tabs and hit Ctrl+9, the shortcut will not take you to the ninth tab, but to the last one. Similarly, the same shortcut combination will take you to the fifth tab, if you only have five tabs open, as will the combination Ctrl+5 in this case.

With the more-than-ten-open-tabs example, the easiest way to go to a ninth (or higher number, but not last) is to hit Ctrl+9, which takes you to the last tab, and then Ctrl+Page Up as many times as needed (alternatively, Ctrl+8, which takes you to the eighth tab, and then Ctrl+Page Down again, as many times as needed).

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