Why sunshine is good for your newborn

After 22 days of being a father, it’s become clear to me what my daughter likes the most, when she has a bit of stomach ache. As most genius things that occur to me, this one dawned on me by accident.

This morning, as was planning to write a very important e-mail, she got a bit anxious about something. I placed her by my side on the sofa on her side. The sun shone on the back of her head and her back and she became silent in an instant and fell asleep. I don’t know if this is going to work every time (probably not), but I am done with the e-mail I had to write, so I am happy for now.

So, sunshine does not only provide some vitamin D to??your precious offspring, but also comfort. Cheap and easy!??It is exciting being a father. You learn a lot.

Disclaimer: Prior to my exploration of the perfect remedy for my daughter’s anxiousness, she got some food, her diaper (nappy) changed and a bit of cuddling.