First ever tweetup in Örebro

October 18, 2010 was a special day for all geeks, geekettes and humans in and around Örebro. The first ever meetup of social media enthusiasts coined by a hashtag #tweetuporebro took place in a not-so-cozy upper room at Hälls Konditori. Organised by Sociala Örebro and Keränen Konsulting, its idea was to gather people together for them to share ideas, establish new contacts, follow up on the old ones and socialise in real life, away from keyboard.

Even though many of around 25-30 people present at the café that evening have social media or IT as their primary professional focus, there were some who use Twitter and its likes as a business tool or out of sheer interest or hobby. Interesting was also the fact that among the tweetup participants, yours truly seemed to be the only non-Scandinavian one. No speculations as to the reasons why at this point.

In a nutshell, the tweetup was a success. A rather hasty, spontaneous and kind of emotional one. Just like social media.

How long should it take to walk to work?

The tires on my bicycle are flat since the day before my vacation started. This is why I’ve been walking to work after we came back from vacation. It is nothing new to my body, though. Last winter, I was unable to ride my bike due to heavy snowfalls. Which was why I walked every day to and from work, which I enjoyed immensely.

Several days ago, I started recording the time I spend walking to work. (The time I spend walking home from work is very inaccurate, mostly depending on what mood I am in, what I’ve had for lunch or which shoes I wear.) I usually spend between fifteen and twenty minutes. Yesterday, though, I beat my personal record “by five minutes” and landed on 10:38.8. (Proof.)

Today, I tried to repeat it and spend the whole of 15:19.3 walking, which left me begging for more. Something went wrong and I need to fix it. For the next month I pledge to measure my steps and breaths to get to the truth of the matter – does it take ten or fifteen minutes for me to walk to work?