Helping hands vs praying lips

There’s an expression that caught my attention recently:

Helping hands are better than praying lips

The reason the phrase did catch my attention was the fact that we dismiss the power of prayer so easily by contrasting it to something material.??Though helping someone with your money, time or physical activity like chopping wood or going to a well to draw water is an invaluable input, praying is a great kind of help, too. Even if you believe prayer is just a psychological self-indoctrination.

My point is that the contrast (or even a comparison) between hands that help and lips that pray is irrelevant for the most cases. Most cases, because it’s is seldom that someone has nothing to give but a prayer. Here’s what I think the phrase should read:

Helping hands and/or praying lips are better than ignorance

Whoa! That’s a whole different dimension to helping.

What do you think?

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