The news of Steve Jobs’ death makes me wonder…


I wonder the same thing at the news of Steve Jobs’ death as at the news of my father’s death in 1995.

What will I be remembered for when I die?

Will not my life have been lived in vain? Will I have left a legacy to marvel? What would that be?

The questions are still more in number than answers. I know one thing for sure though. I may not be the genius inventor of a new way of thinking as Steve was. I may not be the kindest person on earth giving his last slice of bread to another as my father was.

I know I will not settle for surviving a life of cowardly existence. I know I will take responsibility for my words, actions and thoughts. I know I will do everything that is in my strength to foster a life no one else would dare be ashamed of living.

(Photo via Esther Dyson)