How has your social media behaviour changed?

I hear (read) many people use Twitter less and less, now that they have Google+, where they send updates that do not need to be limited number of characters. Reportedly, their Facebook usage has almost stayed unchanged.

For me, it is different. I use Twitter as never before, almost having an inexplicable urge to never miss a tweet, as though just to please myself. And Facebook – well, I don’t really follow my friends’ news there. I just post my own news (usually as a cross post from Twitter) and reply to not-so-frequent comments.

Despite largely negative critique, Google have succeeded after all, I guess. Not making me switch from another service, no. But I think they succeeded in putting me, myself, the “You+” from the Google+ introduction mapin the centre. I have noticed how I am becoming more and more self-centred. What it means in the long run, I am not sure. 

What do you think? Has you social media behaviour changed after you started using Google+? If so, how?

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