Three bands I am missing the most



 When Phillip LaRue was 17 and his sister Natalie 15 years old, they released their first self-titled album. It was followed by Transparent and Reaching soon after. LaRue has always been my favourite of the three. With their honest lyrics and innocent tunes, this American brother-sister duo gave me inspiration during the early days of my songwriting in the early 2000’s.

After the “break-up” (each sibling got married and moved to each end of the country), both of them have gone solo. Phillip LaRue came back under the spotlight in 2009 with his brand new grown-up Let the road pave itself. His sister, Natalie LaRue, has not (yet?) released a solo album. As far as I remember, she mentioned she did not see a future in music, but rather in writing. Which is a shame, if true, because the love song she published on her site (“Love grown up”) is as charming as ever her voice has been.



All Together Separate

 The band was fronted by the charismatic Dex Alexander and driven by worship to God in their texts and tight melodies blending jazz, soul, funk and rock into one. They released three albums in total and broke up in 2002, after which guitarist Drew Shirley moved to Switchfoot. I think their contribution to the Ardent Worship trilogy (the other two being by Skillet and Sattelite Soul) is characteristic of what they stood for – fervent openness to worship the Creator, which was why I loved them. They are still topping my Top artists chart on with a round number of 1000 scrobbles.





The very peculiar Earthsuit experimented with jazz, rock, rap and reggae bringing the best in the styles. They released a single album called Kaleidoscope Superior, which among others contained the pearl likes of “One time”, “Said the sun to the shine”, “Osmosis land” and “Schizophreniac”. Most band members continue collaborating in bands Mutemath, Macrosick and Club of the Sons.

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