Bring it on, writing challenge!

My first blog appeared on the Internets around 2003-2004. It’s vanished into void since then. Several attempts were made to restore the regularity of my blogging, to no avail. But with Fredrik Wass’ 100-day challenge to write a blog post a day, I’ve decided to take up writing again. See, I’ve always been fascinated by how one can use words to create meaning. This is what I’m going to try to accomplish here.

My main interests are languages, design, web design and development as well as user and customer experience. So I expect my blog posts will touch on these topics. I will probably post a photo or two; maybe even some other kind of content will pop up along the journey.

I’m thinking of mostly writing short posts in English. Sometimes maybe Swedish or Russian. Kicking things off is this post, which I deem qualifying for the challenge. You are very welcome to follow this blog; I’d be honoured if you choose to.

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