Conversation with Seth Godin

Last week, the inspiring Blaine Hogan interviewed/talked to Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, respected author and public speaker. The interview is broken up in three parts that are available as videos on Hogan’s website:

Here, I reflect on some of my favourite quotes from their conversation, all Godin’s (no offence, Blaine).

Art is doing human work that’s never been done before in a way that connects people, with generosity.

We are taught to think in a certain way. Seth Godin challenges us to shift the perspective:

[People] would rather complain about the box they are in than acknowledge the fact that someone just took the lid off the box. And it’s up to them to get out of it if they want.

In a world where you pursue status and higher score, this is a breath of fresh air:

A great blog post isn’t a blog post that gets retweeted a lot. A blog post is a great blog post, ‘cause someone – just one person – felt a genuine connection to what I said.

Implication: I’m not using the #blogg100 challenge to gain popularity or score higher on Klout. I’m learning to write, learning to think and learning to connect. If anyone finds it valuable, I’m happy. #blogg100 is a chance I took and am taking daily. Should any of my blog posts not hit home or should I fail never posting a set of 100 blog posts, hey, at least I’ve tried.

Here’s what Seth Godin thinks of the modern Olympics and how they contrast to the original (not the first modern games in 1896, but the ancient competition from 776 BC to AD 393):

The original Olympic ideal of amateurs just expressing themselves through physical activity has been replaced by this corporate coached measured drug-enhanced processing of human activity.

On commitment, diligence, persistence: grit is what every “artist” should have an inclination to.

Grit is perseverance, determination and not settling. Steve Jobs didn’t design anything, and he didn’t invent anything. He had the grit to, when he saw that something was right, make sure it stayed right. He didn’t compromise it, it shipped. Great artists ship.

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