Customer service is worthless

Your customers think they value your service. You know, the opening hours you extended on Thursdays. Or how you replied to their comment on Facebook only a couple of minutes after they published it. Or the “insider” hint that made them wait five days for a semi-free deal. They think you serve them, render assistance or pay homage to your customers. After all, it’s what they pay you for, right? They think it is about a deal. About how they can outsmart you in order to pay less for what you offer.

But we know that it is not what they are after, even though they might call it “service”. We know that it is not about the deal—it never has been. Exceptional customer service is not the goal, it is a method. It is a way for us to enable our customers to perceive the transaction or affair as a natural order of things. It is a way for us to empower our customers to achieve their goals. We know all of that, which is why do everything in our power to make sure the experience our customers leave with has a pleasant aftertaste and their interaction with us carries away delicate aroma.

Or do we? Do we really stop to think about what impression we make when we first greet our customers? How do they perceive us going out of our way to impose a great offer on them? What is our goal with communicating with our customers? Is it to win them over so they multiply and you sell more? Or is it to cultivate the soil through interaction?

Customer service is worthless, as long as your focus is anything that has to do with you and your company. Unless they are your primary focus, you are never going to reach true heights. Come out and meet them, build a relationship and provide value for your customers. It takes time, but the fruit are oh so sweet.

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