Empowerment is the function of media

I often find myself enveloped by media, a medium, instead of the consequence I can achieve by it as an instrument. I think, maybe, forgetting what social or digital media really are isn’t inherent to me alone.

When I talk about social or digital media, I prefer omitting the synthetically descriptive “social” and “digital”, mostly because I believe both adjectives limit the idea of what a medium is. Previously, I wrote about conversation and interactions being key components of our usage of media.

Recently, I was reminded of how the digital era we live in has impacted human race. Technology has clearer than any other process made a point of bringing about the notion of human race as a unit, a oneness. Media has brought us closer, making it possible for human communication and interaction to transcend the boundaries of room, and, in a sense, even time.

All media are a means, a method, a mechanism that isn’t an end in itself. They serve a higher purpose. The function of media is to make sure humans come together. Their mission is to to see it through that we connect, to empower us for interaction.

And that is what I’ve found I need an almost daily reminder of. That it is the connection that is of greater value and interaction that has a meaning, not the consumption and production of material, which mark a good part of my days.

A reminder that when a medium becomes more precious than what it helps me gain, my focus has shifted and priorities have skewed. And that media is only there to empower me to experience the fellowship of a community and the intimacy of a family.

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