I imagine Glass

For a couple of days, I have been imagining what my life would be like, if I had a little piece of glass in front of my right eye. No, a little higher, so as not to obstruct my sight. When I was outside taking a promenade yesterday and when I was looking at the screen of my laptop working earlier this week—I kept thinking about how I would interact with the inanimate wise assistant.

When I pull out my phone to take a photo of my lunch, I imagine holding a fork and knife in my hands and uttering “OK glass, take a picture”. When my food is no longer warm and I am busy tapping around on the broad screen of the smartphone to share the photo with friends, I imagine choosing to share it with people on Google+ instead.

When I smear my hands with paint and have fun painting tigers and flowers with my three-year-old, I imagine saying “OK glass, record a video” without taking my eyes off of her smile. When I have an hour to kill in a city foreign to me, I imagine asking “OK glass, google nearby café”.

Imagine technology were not in the way of our interaction with each other. Imagine communication were something that was no longer bound to hardware. Imagine relevant information were accessible to you anywhere any time.

Imagine also not using a product, but being used as one. Imagine someone making a claim at your data and drawing profit from selling it. Imagine something making use of everyone’s data to manipulate and rule.

Falling down from the sky and sharing the moment instantaneously sounds alluring, but does not necessarily mean it is to my benefit. I imagine.

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