How you can become an everyday superhero

Spinning off on my last week’s post about your daily superpowers that most probably go unused, here’s a short list of practical examples of being a superhero and making someone’s day a little joy. Just pick any of these pills of almost zero effort on your part and save the day!

Profound gratitude

Do not just thank people for what they do for you. Thank them for doing their job even if someone else is paying their salary.

Genuine smile

With no other reason than being an everyday superhero, smile to at least one person. At worst you can be deemed willing to share your joy. At best—you can save a life.

Compliment the insecure

There are times when even the strongest feel weak or weary. You will be amazed what heights “You look fabulous today!” hoists your fellow human, even if their hair is a mess.

Offer your time

Your time has value, but it does not need to be monetary. Being a superhero is not rocket science, neither are the implications hard. A couple of seconds a day may have eternal consequences. Doesn’t it make it worth it?

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