the best thing to happen to creative research

Last week, I got a chance to start using, a rather new web app that helps you save all the cool things you stumble upon on the web. The first impression was positive, so I decided I would share my initial thoughts on the app. – Bookmarklet is a video from Albert Pereta on Vimeo.

As Jesse Gardner puts it, ”[] is like Pinterest and Evernote got together and had a good-looking baby.” It is somewhat true. Probably the most important and obvious thing you notice when you start clicking and dragging things around in the interface is that the idea of saving things you find on the web isn’t new. The most notable example I can think of is Gimmebar, which, just like lets you save text, images, videos and entire pages.

The main difference between between the two apps is probably the ease of use, although both are very fast and pleasant to play with. It seems that developers have put more time into making the app both simple and powerful.

So, what makes this web app stand out from the crowd of similar services is the execution. If you could touch, it would be smooth and cool. Unlike its name, it would have a graceful posture and be feather-light. is not a mobile app, it is best used on a desktop or laptop device. The front page looks good on an iPad and Kindle in landscape mode, but I haven’t tested it on a tablet, so it is hard for me to know whether it works at all.

I would characterise’ area of expertise as “creative research and online inspiration for an individual”. Although it is possible to share your saved findings with others, do not have a feature built around the social aspect of the web (unlike the already mentioned Gimmebar, for example).

I use neither Pinterest nor Evernote, I am a little skeptical as of the value such services contribute with in my workflow. However, I am now in the process of looking for inspiration for creative research and this tool is proving to be very useful. Maybe, it will prove its worth in a way that will make me want to use it more, hard to say. is still in beta, but you can request an invite on their website.

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