Little failures


Photo Credit: Evil Erin via Compfight (cc)

Today, my almost three-year-old fell from a stool. No visible consequences like bruises or injuries. Just a couple of tears. Most probably, she was shocked by how the chair could not sustain her little body. The remedy for the shock? The mother’s hug.

With every day that passes, my daughter learns how to adapt to the world around her. Today, the lesson was about motor coordination and what happens when she does not pay attention to where she places her foot. Next time she is on a chair dancing, she will remember today’s incident as an incentive for her to be more careful, most hopefully.

We adults often view children’s falls, mistakes and incompetence as failures: “How clumsy of you!” or “Could you be quiet? Don’t you see I’m busy?” What we usually forget is that we were once little failures as well.

My daughter does not understand gravitation, but she learned its force and effect the hard(er) way. I learned something, too. Thinking twice before I get annoyed at someone’s inability to perform basic in my eyes tasks is my implication of today’s lesson. What’s yours?

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