“More tickle, daddy, more tickle!”

Laughter is one of the things I appreciate about my three-year-old most. Genuine, offhanded laughter coming from enjoying the moment. We like to play and read and dance. Yesterday, as we were playing, in between my tickling her, she exclaimed, “More tickle, daddy, more tickle!”

This callow and pure carelessness that is about my daughter—there is something about it that charms me. It makes me look for words to describe how jealous I am. Her clear and simple point of reference—I want to obtain that, again.

I wonder if, as she grows older, her desire for “more-tickle” will fade. I wonder if, as it fades, the chasm between her raw delicacy and my biased pragmatism will narrow. I wonder if, as it narrows, we will some day laugh as unprecedentedly and easy as we do today.

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