“My best friend and I are best!”

These arrogant impudent words I found on a sidewalk, written in pink, yellow, orange and white chalk, not far from where I live:

“My best friend and I are best!”

Outrageous, no sign of respect or consideration of others. Aren’t there better friends than the ones who chalked the pavement? Or at least just as good? Even if it’s true, that there are no better friends in the universe than these two, how impolite and rude of them to shout their relationship righteousness for the world to hear.

Chalk on sidewalk

Photo Credit: Swamibu via Compfight (cc)

Imagine these two children (because only children write in chalk, obviously) being aware of their statement only being true in part. Imagine them being insecure and bullied. And laughed at for the colour of their skin or the clothing style predicated by the social status of their parents. Imagine them against the rest, finding solace in the acceptance the other offers for free.

“My best friend and I are best!”

These profound amiable words I found on the sidewalk, written in power, dignity, purity and love, not far from where I live.

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