Pocket – a smart way to consume content, later

I usually stumble across an interesting article, a recommended video or an animated gif everyone talks about at a time that is too busy or in a place that is inconvenient. Pocket lets me save stuff to read it later.


Here’s what I love most about this miracle of an app (yes, I’ve come to love it).

Pocket works on many devices

Pocket works on a wide variety of devices (I use it on my desktop computer, laptop and smartphone). If I save an item for later consuming on one device, I can pick it up almost instantly on another.


Pocket has an article view and a web view

Pocket is an app that evolved from Read It Later. And when they claim to be the best way you read things later, they mean it. Say you saved a blog post to your Pocket. Are you interested in archive links in the sidebar or navigation bar of the blog? Most probably not. In the “article view”, Pocket shows your the relevant blog post text, omitting the rest. Handy? Certainly.

Should you want to see the context of a web page the blog post originally appeared on, no problem. Just switch to the web view and enjoy. Handy? You bet!

Share what you’re reading from inside the app

Pocket lets you share what you’re reading or what you’ve read from inside the app. You can e-mail an article, share it on Twitter, Facebook or Evernote. When I read several articles in a row and want to share them with the world, share-to-Buffer feature helps me spread out my reading tips during the day.

Introducing Pocket is a video from Pocket on Vimeo.

If you haven’t used Pocket before, go to getpocket.com, give it a spin and tell me what you think, either by commenting below or mentioning @clartem on Twitter.

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