Production and progress plan for my #blogg100

Media makes it possible for people to share meaningful moments with others. The moments documented and lessons learned that would otherwise only be meaningful to one are suddenly at the disposal of many, only a couple of clicks away. And sometimes, they even have life-changing effects.

One of the things that is changing my life these days is writing, which was what I’ve been trying to do more regularly several years ago. A little over two weeks ago, I started on a journey of a 100 blog posts within a period of 100 days. The pool of ideas has not yet run dry. To ensure that the creativity still flows even by the end of the challenge, I’ve set up a production and progress plan, as per @axbom’s suggestion.

The plan has been helpful to me for a number of reasons. It gives me the freedom to explore different topics I care about, and do so in different styles. As though the challenge itself were not enough, it presses me into thinking, but within certain constraints.

You might find my production and progress plan valuable, too. Please, share your tips on the process of this kind of intense blogging.

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