Slowly, She Lives: She Stands on The Edge (part 5)

(She Stands on The Edge is the fifth and last part of the short story Slowly, She Lives that I wrote during a spring semester in Hjo folkhögskola seven years ago. You find links to the other parts below. Originally, it was written in Swedish, but I translated it, too. It has been sitting on the hard drive of my laptop since 2006, untouched. Enjoy!)

Previously: When All is Said and Done (part 4)

4:59 – April 12

She breathes eagerly and determined, as if she were on her way to victory. She knows that she already is on the winner’s side. The others observe her with a deep and sincere wonder. Voices full of gladness shout high above sorrow and need.

Today is the time to go. Today is the time to arrive. Where the ship takes her she is not really sure. She has only heard stories about the ship and tales of the destination. She stands on the edge and waits for the one who knows her best. The star is coming back to fetch the angel. Her eyes are closed and lips concentrated.

I am waiting for you, come soon, my morning star! Come, darling! Come and take your angel home! Come!

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