Social media as a solution to bad customer service

Exceptional customer service is among other things about being on equal terms with your customers and serving as a customer ambassador in your company. Yesterday, I received a question on Klout. Here it is: can businesses use social media as a solution to bad customer service?

While it is a valid question with a pretty simple answer, I think the problem causing the question lies deeper. The issues that I think are of bigger weight are these:

  • How is your business utilising different channels of communication to practice exceptional customer service today?
  • How do you manage bad customer service in other channels? Is there really a difference?
  • What causes bad customer service?

Bad customer service is not something that just happens, that you do not have any control over. It is very often a reflection of your company’s values, priorities and methods. Thus, while social media can be a solution to bad customer service (which really is the manifestation of your failing to spiking your channel strategy up a bit), it is most definitely not the solution to the root of your problem.

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