Stop hitting that button, Bobby! – A quick guide to four verbs online

Do you push a button, press it, hit it or click it? What about a link? Here’s a set of guidelines to the four verbs that I’ve written for your linguistic accuracy online. Enjoy!

You hit…

  • the jackpot
  • it off with a friend
  • your neighbour’s car with a bat at night and run away

You click…

  • your heels
  • on a link or an icon
  • with your girlfriend

You press…

  • the red button
  • the juice out of a mango
  • a criminal for an answer
  • the flesh with the friend you hit it off with

You push…

  • a button (with force)
  • your way through the crowd
  • your luck and limits pressing on running away from the neighbour whose car you hit with a bat

Disclaimer: no bats, cars or humans were hit, pushed, pressed or clicked in the making of this blog post. No buttons or links were hit either. Ever. Well, never linguistically.

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