Success is a verb

Full agenda, overambitious plans, pointless meetings devouring your precious minutes. The day almost over, you find yourself having wasted most of it. Sounds familiar? There’s a cure. But first the disease.

The disease. You haven’t had a goal for today, have you? The reason you think you’ve wasted your day is that there’s no clear reference point. If you don’t have a purpose, whatever you’re doing is going to be a waste of time.

You think you’ve wasted your day, because you’ve made up your mind to waste it. And adjusted your circumstances accordingly. You’ve spilled costly fertiliser drops on grains of sand.

The cure. In the short run, fight fire with fire. If you haven’t had an achievement to pursue today and feel that you haven’t accomplished anything of worth today, do just that. Accomplish something—anything. It can only get better.

In the long run, establish a set of goals for a day, or a week, or a month. Then make sure you get to do something that brings you closer to your goal. Something that builds you up. When you are ready to score, shoot!

Success is not a thing you eventually reach. It is about your performance and accomplishments on a daily basis. Success is a verb. Act it out.

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