Turning back time

I love observing my daughter, and I am fascinated by how she goes about learning the world she lives in. Today, it struck me. Almost everything she experiences is new to her. She is curious about the little things. Things that eventually will shape her into a grown-up woman, she is learning today. Now.

Children do not rely on logic when, for example, making an argument against broccoli. ”It is good for you” is just as weak an argument for broccoli from my part as “I can’t prove it, I just know.” Somewhere along the way of becoming an adult, I’ve accepted a point of reference that my daughter still lacks. Among the things I’ve learned is discerning right from wrong, which I am now teaching my daughter.

Sometimes, I wonder if there’s a way to turn it all back in time. The innocence, the naïveté, the curiosity. And if I got the chance, would I take it?

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